“Before I accepted a job at IQ Option, I tried my hand at different occupations such as mobile application testing, desktop testing, website testing, etc. I got started with some paid projects for many amazing companies, but the monumental contribution to the quality assurance of our platform I make here, at the IQ, is beyond compare.”
Outside of the office, Evgeny is known as a tireless partygoer: “In my totally subjective opinion, well-spent leisure time makes life more fun! Some of my hobbies include snowboarding, traveling, hanging out with friends and playing with my pet cat.”
“Thanks to IQ Option, I had discovered what it means to lead a team with a family approach, a concept that was foreign to me when I started, but which I now identify with to my core!”
“One of my most important accomplishments is that I am entrusted with difficult tasks that nobody before me had ever done, so I might be the person the IQ’d been waiting for!” #IQinFaces
Build your skill set and gear towards achieving your goals with IQ Option: https://goo.gl/masFQD

Warning: investing involves a high degree of risk

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