“Before I took a job offer in IQ Option, I’ve had at least 15 different jobs at different companies. My ultimate goal was to find what I really wanted to do in life, and IQ Option was the company that I was waiting for! It has a unique and amazing product, and the job description tapped into all the things I wish I could have done more of in past jobs.”
“Broadly speaking, my role in the Company involves developing, monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks within the Support department.”
“The motto of the Support Team is “I will always support You.” My motto is more, “I will always support Support!”.”
“I am a workaholic in a good sense of this word. I am clearly having fun doing what I love and do best, so part of my life outside the office is also related to programming.”
“I am a big fan of weekend getaways and rural bike rides. Since I’ve been tracking it, I’ve ridden over 35000km during the past seven years!”
“If I had been born hundreds of years ago, I would have still been doing the same things as I am doing now — building convenient things and systems for people but made out of stone or wood, for example. Nowadays, I have more ‘flexible’ material in my hands – code. So, a hundred years from now on won’t make much of a difference on my life, because the essence of my work will always be the same – making the world a little more convenient and enjoyable.” #IQinFaces

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