Daria is unlike any woman you’d met at corporate jobs. She is always approachable on a personal level and knows how to make every client feel valued, respected and understood. “Since childhood I was told to treat others the same way I want them to treat me. This age-old life concept turned out to be the golden rule that I ensure to uphold in my professional life as well. Treating our clients well has proven to lead to excellence, which of course, results in increased profits.”
“If there is something that drives me crazy, it is going slow. Speed matters: in business, in thoughts, in decision-making, behind the wheel, etc.”
“I travel a lot, if you consider this a hobby. Riding to the airport on a Friday night, driving really fast, kissing the speed limit, rushing to catch a flight, feeling so excited about the upcoming travel adventures…There is, after all, something liberating about the entire process!”
“What happens every day at IQ Option is not just work, it’s a source of self-respect, identity and pride. The family spirit that was developed is making us all feel like we are contributing to an important project which will make a significant difference in the long run.”
“I can easily visualize what I want my future to be like: starting my day with morning meditation, complying with speed limits and running an animal sanctuary in Cyprus. I also intend to stop mindlessly buying things I don’t need, stop wearing leather and fur, stop drinking Martini and eat ice-cream on a daily basis!”
“I am so excited about my future, yet I am so delighted that I’m living in the moment and seeing where it takes me!” #IQinFaces

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