DASH: 7 Facts to Know in 2017
1) In 2014, XCoin was created. Which was later renamed to Darkcoin. Which was finally renamed to Dash;
2) Dash is built off of Bitcoin;
3) The purpose of Dash is to become a normal currency, like USD or GDP;
4) Transaction fees average around 0.0002 Dash;
5) Dash created a feature called “PrivateSend,” which mixes the transaction in with multiple transactions, making it very hard to trace;
6) Anyone holding 1000 or more Dash is able to enable Masternodes, which are able to activate PrivatesSend and InstantSend. InstantSend is able to send transactions within 1.5 seconds;
7) The network’s block reward is paid out to three separate groups: 45% to miners, 45% to Masternodes, and 10% back into Dash: this goes to marketing, research, coding, development, etc.* #CryptoWednesday

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*Information source: disruptordaily

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