For those subscribers who wanted to get even closer to our IQ team, from today on we will be running a weekly column, called IQ inFaces, dedicated to the Company’s employees.
The hero of today’s weekly piece is Anatolli Sumskii, who joined IQ Option in 2015 and works in Trading Engine development team. Anatolii is responsible for creating and executing test automation on the server, increasing the test coverage and replacing manual testing.

Anatolii describes himself as a computer geek. He is inspired by the phenomenons of astronomy and physics: his interaction with the world follows the mental flowchart of “how things work”. Anatolii is also into Medical Fasting as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, which helps him to free his mind from everyday clutter.
The greatest achievement of his life, Anatolii believes is leaping past his fears to realize that they’re only standing between him and the best life he can live.
Let the work be an inspiration to you too – everything up to the stepping point, there’s actually no reason to be scared to pursue your dreams.

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