Hello there, my name is Diletta and I am your Support Specialist.

I’ve been a student most of my life, and while studying abroad, I realised that it had been really hard to cope with a little money, so I decided to use my skills and studies and started teaching both English and Italian languages.

But sooner or later, I got tired of teaching. Consequently, I posted my CV on one recruitment web-site – that’s where IQ Option found me and invited to an interview. It was love at first sight!!! I like my job, it gives me the chance to improve and soften some traits of my personality, such as patience and empathy; you really learn how to listen to people’s needs, and you get satisfaction from helping them and doing a good job.

In my free time I love practicing sport, I can’t live without it. I also have less active hobbies such as playing video-games: even if people say I don’t look like a nerd, but I really am. I also adore everything which is connected with fashion and make up, including shopping.

My biggest achievement is probably leaving my lovely Italy to live abroad, in a country so distant and so different in so many ways to what I was used to. Lonely, 2,000 km from home with language profficiency at a basic level – that time period was quite hard, but I never doubted my decision, not even for a second.

Actually I stopped planning some time ago; I just realise that the best things happening in our lifes are those least expected. Right now I want to focus on my job and on my private life, I like what I have and I want to improve it and make it better everyday. #IQinFaces

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