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✓ Cryptocurrency market now worth over $500 billion, more than Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway;
✓ The IOTA Foundation has clarified that it does not have a strategic partnership with Microsoft. The announcement caused the price of IOTA drop more than 13 percent over the past few hours;
✓ The price of Ether hit a new all-time high of $737.51 today, and the price chart analysis suggests the rally could continue;
✓ The Ripple price exploded by 74 percent amid insatiable demand from Korean traders rising back to third in the rankings ahead of Litecoin;
✓ Apple has finally removed fake MyEtherWallet which hit No.3 on App Store. Prior to its removal, around 3000 people had paid and downloaded the app, netting alleged creator Nam Le around $15,000 in revenue;
✓ Google is opening an artificial intelligence center in China to become the first facility of its kind in Asia despite Google’s website, cloud services and video platform YouTube being currently blocked in China;
✓ Startup Ispace targets landing on moon surface by 2020 in search for water that then can be turned into hydrogen fuel and ultimately perhaps support a lunar settlement;
✓ Apple will give Finisar Corp $390 million to increase production of chips that power high-profile iPhone X features including Face ID, Animojis and portrait-mode photos.*
* Information source: cryptocoinsnews, cointelegraph, cnbc, bloomberg, coinmarketcap, investing

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