Let’s talk about the most common questions about Open Trading Network:

*What is OTN?*
Open Trading Network is the first 100% collateralized decentralized exchange which will allow fully secure exchange between the blockchain networks.

Three major categories of people can be expected to benefit from the OTN:
– individuals
– businesses
– traders.
Each of them will have a solution tailored to their needs: multi-currency wallet, tokenization, decentralized exchange with 100% collateralized cross-chain transactions, ready-made business solutions.
To learn more, please visit our website: https://otn.org/

*How to get OTN?*
At the moment you can get OTN in two ways:
1) Buy OTN on Livecoin.net, more here https://goo.gl/PXWSxT ;
2) Trade crypto on IQ Option platform and get OTN as a reward each Monday more here https://goo.gl/43qC4Z ;

*How much is OTN now?*

*How to withdraw OTN tokens from IQ Option?*
Please see here https://goo.gl/KiuNSu

IQ Option is a brokerage company and does not provide OTN tokens to clients.
All tokens are provided by the OTN foundation. The OTN foundation confirms that it
Does not sell OTN tokens and that the activity is non-commercial.
Investing involves a high degree of risk

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