My name is Sasha, and I’m your Email Marketing manager.
That’s right: if you’re getting emails from IQ Option, there’s a high chance those were written by me. It’s a funny thing, really, — to get paid for writing letters to strangers, but that’s exactly what I do, or at least that’s how I explain the job to my parents.
When I’m not working, though, I like to spend time…at the shooting range. I enjoy handling both the firearms and the air guns. I find it oddly relaxing because when I’m aiming my gun to shoot a target, the whole world seems to slow down.
And slowing down at times is a welcome change from the high pace of IQ Option. We’re constantly developing new products and features, so as a person who writes about it I need to educate myself on a variety of subjects and quickly.
In the two years that I’ve been with the company, I had to learn all about the stock market, the global economy and now – the exciting world of Cryptocurrencies. Thanks to my work at IQ Option, I could now explain Blockchain to a 5-year-old, if I had to.
Where do I see myself five years from now? I don’t know, but neither do I want to know or plan that far. Isn’t it more fun when life takes you places you’ve never thought you’d go to? Yeah, that’s how I feel! #IQinFaces

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