Top 6 events to watch this week:
September 12:
– CPI (YoY) (Aug): The central bank has set a target of 2%, this value has been surpassed due to oil prices having climbed and as the GBP devalued due to Brexit. Now the BoE needs to start worrying about super-inflation and could possibly have the hike rates sooner than anticipated.

– Apple Keynote. Apple is preparing to release its iPhone 8 on Tuesday, in what might be the company’s biggest smartphone launch in years. Volatility is expected to start with the American session opening and peak at 6:00 pm once the session begins.

September 13:
– Unemployment rate (Jul): The higher than before values will point to slowing down in the growth of an economy in the matter of spending and having strong cash flows.

September 14:
– Industrial Production (MoM) (Jul). As Japan is a major manufacturer in the world, and the third biggest economy, the statistics is vital as it guides investors on how production is taking place in Japan and how it can affect the growth of the economy.
– BoE Interest rate Decision (Sep). Interest rates have been slashed to record low values over a year ago, surrounded by fears of the Brexit referendum. The bank may opt to keep it policy intact for yet another meeting.

September 15:
– Trade balance (Jul). A unit of measurement (euro value) that monitors exports and imports. It is a major constituent of GDP (around 25%), where a positive value will mean a surplus and a negative value will mean a deficit.

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