1) Released in 2016, BitConnect’s goal is to allow users to lend Bitcoin and gain interest automatically;
2) At the time of writing this guide (November 2017) that goal had yet to be reached;
3) BitConnect Coin (BCC) is the value token used by the BitConnect platform;
4) In 2017 alone, BCC grew from US$22.95/BCC on 01 June to US$243/BCC on 1 November (an increase of almost 1060% in just six months);
5) BitConnect enjoys faster transactions compared to the Bitcoin platform;
6) BCC is accepted by a very small number of merchants, and instead is used mostly between users of BitConnect;
7) In order to invest in BitConnect, purchase BCC and hold it in your wallet.* #CryptoWednesday

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*Information source: coinscage

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